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    The 7 Main Steps to a Business Website

  • 1. Make a Plan
  • 2. Get a www.yourdomain.com
  • 3. Get hosting for your site
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    Low Risk Businesses

  • Affiliates

  • E-books

  • Ebay/Auctioning

  • Online Storefronts

  • Networking/MLM

    Other Low Risk Businesses

  • Cleaning Business

  • Talent Booking Business

  • Medical Billing Business

  • Day Care Center Business

  • Office Cleaning Business

  • Getting Government Grants

  • Buying Foreclosures

  • Cell Phone Recycling Business

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  • Affiliate Marketing and a Detailed List of Affiliate Companies

    (You DO NOT necessarily need a website to do this.)

    Affiliate marketing is how I've generated the majority of my Internet income. This is where you market or suggest other companies products, and those companies pay you commissions or referral fees. They're free to join.

    Here's how it works:

    1. You join an affiliate program (free).
    2. They will give you webpages, advertising banners, button, or text links for their product(s). Some even give full e-commerce-ready websites.
    3. You load the banner/button/link on to your webpage (for casino affiliate programs, Clickbank, or Cognigen, you don't need to).
    4. If someone visits your page, clicks the banner/button/link and buys the product, you get paid a commission.

    Click here for full affiliate company details
    Quick Links
    Casino Affiliates (casinos)
    Commission Junction

    The relationship is excellent because you're dealing with a potentially large company who:

  • Has already done the market research for their product.
  • Has developed a substantial parent website to sell their product.
  • May already have established well-known-name-branding in the marketplace.
  • Can give you several ways to advertise them with professionally-developed banners, buttons, and content.
  • Handles Ecommerce (processes the order by credit card or other payment).
  • Handles product delivery.
  • Handles product support and technical support.

    The only thing left for you to do is to advertise their product. When sales occur, you get credit for a commission and are paid monthly in most cases.

    The products and services offered by merchants is practically endless. You can market travel packages, computer hardware, beauty products, legal services, Internet advertising services, or just about anything you can imagine. It can be pretty exciting to browse through the categories of a large affiliate broker and decide which product or service you want to focus on.

    Note: Some of these companies will expect you to already have a website when you fill out the application. In those cases, it would benefit you to have your website created first (even if its a free website) before submitting the application. Cognigen , many casino affiliate programs, and ClickBank do not require this.

    shareasale.comThey have hundreds of top-notch merchants, who provide well-developed banners and links for you to promote merchants with. Their tracking system is state of the art and payments are made when your account balance reaches $50 or more. You will need your own web pages (with content) so that you can insert their banners and links.
    Cognigen.com Cognigen pays 6% to 17% (plus other substantial bonuses of $25, $50, $200, etc.) for sales and has a unique marketing plan which pays on several levels. Because you earn several commissions on multiple levels, they have the potential to pay you much more than any other affiliate marketing company. They offer many ways to promote your products and services in addition to giving you a mall-like storefront. Their support system is incredible. Cognigen is listed on several parts of this website because as a company, they fall into several different categories. New affiliates will also get free advertising for their Cognigen storefront.
    Casino Affiliates (casinos)Casino affiliates can "bring home the motherload" with commissions if they receive some traffic. Being in one is practically the same as owning an online casino. Just ONE player or account can pay you hundreds of dollars because casino affiliate commission rates are usually very high (25% - 50% of casino profits, or flat payouts of $150 per player or more). Also, a lot of the guesswork of "Which product or service should I choose to market?" is removed for you because casino affiliate programs usually focus and fixate on just a few casinos to market. There are too many casino affiliate programs to list on this page, so the link refers to the casino affiliate programs listed on CasinoGoRound.com You don't need a website to market most casino affiliate programs. They can give you handy links that go straight to the casinos which can be promoted independently.
    ClixGalore.com ClixGalore is a large affiliate network comprising of over 1800+ Merchants and ten of thousands of Affiliates across three networks in the USA, UK and Australia.
    SurveySavvy.com Most affiliate commissions are "one and done": you get 1 sale for the company and you'll get paid 1 commission. SurveySavvy offers a free opportunity that will pay you a residual income, a commission that can repeat over and over for 1 signup. This offer has the highest conversion rate that I've ever experienced. SurveySavvy offers an opportunity for anyone to signup for free, and get paid to take online surveys. Each personal survey pays between $3 and $75. The referrer is paid $2 for that survey. $2 that pays over and over accumulates very quickly, and I offer more details and proof of that on my free income page. The third tier of referrals pays $1 and accumulates just as fast as the $2 second tier. Referrals are permanent. SurveySavvy can be promoted through a simple link a variety of different ways to anyone who is looking for another income.
    Websponsors.comWebsponsors specializes in trial-offers and free products and services, which makes their companies easier to promote. They even give its affiliates a free stuff search engine that allows surfers to browse through a multitude of trial offers and free things. They're one of the oldest affiliate companies and many affiliates get their highest conversion rates with them.
    Commission JunctionCommission Junction is one of the leaders in the industry. They may have the most sophisticated tracking system of all the affiliate brokers.
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    ClickBank is an affiliate broker who specializes in software, e-books, and virtual products. The great thing about them is that you don't need a website to market their products. Each link they give you is a full content webpage (Example) that gives you credit for the sale. If you want to become a Clickbank affiliate, you can skip the domain, hosting, and design phases of a website, and go straight to advertising. Click here for more Clickbank information
    ClickXchange.comClickXchange.com, is a leading affiliate marketing solution provider. Web publishers maximize their revenue and site content providing advertisers with traffic, leads and sales. Currently 6 commission structures are supported.
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    LinkShare pioneered online affiliate marketing, and today runs the largest pay for performance affiliate marketing network on the Internet. They have over 500 premier online merchants.
    BeFreeIn addition to affiliate programs, Befree.com also helps you to attract customers with their search marketing services, and their automated merchandising assistant.
    SearchFeedThe brief description: SearchFeed will allow you to make any webpage into a search engine that pays you. That is powerful. This gives you the freedom to be "very creative" with how you use their links and which kind you decide to use. Their dynamic feed links can earn you money each time someone clicks on them. SearchFeed can give your website content as well as giving you abilities to generate revenue in unique ways that can be very profitable for you.

    Affiliate marketing is most successful, when you really have some personal experience with what you're promoting. On this website, I've been a member of or had some degree of experience with each item that I discuss here. That way, I can stand behind anything that I promote and discuss the nuances about it.

    Affiliate marketing can be as simple as building a page that discusses a particular product's benefits and directing the visitor to a click a link or button on the page.

    Others work best when they are added to a "themed website" as supplements. As an example, if your website is about "flowers that grow in the northwestern U.S.", you could supplement your pages with affiliate banners about pottery, gardening tools, insect repellents, vacations in the northwest, etc. You don't want to stray too far from your theme because your website will begin to "not make sense" and offend your visitors. Affiliate marketing can become the driving force behind wanting to build a themed website about one of your favorite hobbies. When you have a lot of knowledge in an area, it becomes easy for you to create useful content for the visitors, then affiliate links can be worked into the website.

    Affiliate marketing is fun, takes patience, and is readily available to anyone who wishes to try.

    After you've joined some affiliate networks, you'll be ready to advertise.

    Advertising section on this site contains:

  • A list of the largest pay-per-click search engines that will allow you to immediately gain targeted traffic without a long delay.
  • A group of large directories and portals that can be submitted to for free.
  • A special section about advertising an Internet storeFront.
  • A group of free advertising vehicles that you can use.
  • Keyword selection and bidding tips that will help your pages get found at a low cost.

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